August 06, 2009

Rest in Peace Donald Marshall Jr.

I received an email today from Dr. Daniel N. Paul to let me know that Donald Marshall Jr. (Sep 13, 1953 - Aug 6, 2009) had passed to the land of souls to be with the creator. I did not know Donald Marshall Jr. personally, however, like most of us, knew of his wrongful conviction and his fight with the Canadian Justice System to have the conviction overturned. Please read more about Donald Marshall Jr. on Dr. Paul's website.

May 20, 2009


I am officially a published poet.
Three of my poems appear in Poemata (Volume 24, Number 1, 2009). Below is one of the poems.

Emlsigtmat (hear a ghost)
by Lola Corkum

Awti'j. The path lies before me.
Well trod by the ancestor's moccasins.
Grandmother's spirit nudges
like a gentle wind at my back.

A'tugwaqan. Stories of the People.
Passed down from generation to generation.
Emanating out like a ripple on the water
from a well thrown stone.

Gina'masuti. Knowledge is mine.
I venture forth in new found freedom
A young bird who has discovered
its wings and takes to the skies.

Lnu. First Nations I am.
Spririts of my ancestors envelope me
as a morning dew reaches out and
gently covers a newly opened flower.

This poem is dedicated to my grandparents,
Peter & Recinicus Oliver.