February 07, 2011

Nice suprise

I finally received my copy of "Poemata" (the silver anniversary issue) in which I was recently published. I was reading through it and was suprised to another of my poems published in that issue. And so I thought I would share:

"A Summer Day in Port Bickerton"
by Lola Corkum

The mournfal cry of the lighthouse
adds an eerie essence to the fog
that rolls in from the sea like tumble-
weeds rolling across the dry prairie.

Bickerton Island, unihabited and silent,
standing guard just outside the harbour,
soon disappears into the ghostly vapour
slowly edging its way to the shore.

The sun, warm and golden,
loses its battle to the pea soup
that now envelopes the land dropping
moisture on everything it touches.

The smell of fish meal wafts its way
from across the harbour and the cry
of the seagulls feeding on scraps from
the fish plant can be heard in the gloom.

A girl, alone on the beach, looks for
treasure brought in on the tide,
jumping the rocks and leaving her
tiny footprints where there is sand.

Not even the fog deters her as
she enjoys the briny air and
the waves lapping at the shore
for she is in her element, she is home.

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