July 16, 2010

Good News

I am very pleased to announce that I have won 3rd place in the 2009 Canadian Poetry Association Contest for my poem "Thirty Years of Silence". This has been published in the current issue of "Poemata"


"Thirty Years of Silence"
By Lola Corkum

A long overdue conversation
But wasn't ready 'til now.

Eight or so, but I remember that evening.
Warm, with the usual smells of the wharf,
salt, fish ropes, Grampie and I watched.

You on the deck of "The Wave" as it slipped out
on the flat, calm harbour. Knew even then
one day the sea would take you away forever.

Fourteen when you left for the last time. Long,
cold winter while you stay in your watery hiding
place. You decided to come home in the spring.

Never got to see you in the end. Only a
blue box at the front of the church. Headstone
carved to represent waves. Hope you liked it.

Mom talked alot about you after the funeral.
Wish she hadn't. Some stories are best left
untold.  A fine line between love and hate.

Time to go. Let the ghosts slip away like
a boat sailing out to sea to find its reward.

1 comment:

Richard Perry said...

Loved this Lola. Got me thinking hard about the 'back' story, what was said, or left unsaid. Powerful writing. I'm a fan. - Richard