August 20, 2010

Millbrook Pow Wow

Another great pow wow in at Millbrook First Nation. Wearing my shawl, I lead the Coady participants into the dancing circle during the grand entry. It was very hot so I only danced the first dance. For the rest of the pow wow I took in all the sights, dancing, drumming, and crafts. I purchased a new pair of earrings and a bracelet, as well as sweet grass which is now hanging in my home.

At the pow wow, I spoke to one of the keepers of the sacred fire. I asked about my eagle feather which was given to me a few years ago. He told me to bring it out to pow wows so it can feed of the energy of the drums and singing and dancing. And, so I decorated my eagle feather with lacings and beads and it's now ready to join me at the next pow wow I attend.

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